Used with the visualisation tool VisiWinNet Smart, it is said to be a complete and cost-effective control and monitoring system for machine-oriented use.

VisiWin®NET Smart includes a graphic editor, which enables the operator to put together, test and modify the interface for visualisation applications directly on the EL105. According to Lenze, this tool offers a high level of customisation to make the operator display more user friendly.

The EL 105 comes with an Ethernet connection, a USB port, a COM port and a compact flash input. An internal socket allows fieldbus modules to be added. The operating system uses Windows CE.

Said Lenze: “As this system is especially robust it can be used in harsh environments or directly on the machine without any problem. The CPU used, 400 MHz Intel XScale PXA, does not require active cooling.”

It added: “Thanks to the flash based operating system and the use of CF cards for large data storage, nor is a hard disc needed, which could be damaged by vibrations or knocks. The enclosure made of moulded plastic offers IP65 protection.”