The winch is a Profi Puller 1800 model, fitted with a split winding drum and is used for hauling loads on a flatbed wheeled trolley running in a guidance track over a connecting bridge between the production and compression platforms.


The trolley has a load capacity of 7t, with the single winch pulling loads in both directions across the 40m long bridge.

With the winch situated at one end of the bridge and a reversing roller at the opposite end, a positive pull force can be exerted on a loaded trolley when traversing in either direction over the connecting bridge.

The split winding drum on the winch has one drum paying-out the wire rope at the top (which is connected to the side of the trolley) while the other drum reels-in at the bottom (with the rope connected to the opposite side of the trolley after passing over the reversing roller).


This sequence of paying-out and reeling-in is changed when the direction of the rotation of the winch is reversed. Loads traversing the exposed bridge causeway are always tethered at each end for maximum safety, with the attached wire rope always in tension from the direction of the pulling operation.

JDN winches designated for offshore duties are also subject to paint finishes designed to provide a high level of protection against adverse weather conditions and general exposure to marine environments.

With air operated motors providing the power, the JDN equipment is suitable for operation in hazardous areas and as standard carry a rating of Ex II 2 GD T4(x) / II 3 GD 11B T4(x). Increased spark protection can also be provided for a rating of EX II 2 GD 11B T4(x).