New coil and pallet lifter from Bushman Avontec

26 April 2011

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Material handling equipment manufacturer Bushman Avontec has developed a motorised lifter capable of handling pallets and coils whether the coil eye is oriented along a horizontal or vertical axis.


Bushman Avontec’s new coil/pallet lifter features fork assemblies and coil lifting saddles capable of lifting coils weighing up to 16.5USt when palletised, but up to 50USt when lifted along their horizontal axis.
Bushman Avontec's new pallet lifter
Several safety features are also incorporated into the coil/pallet lifter including motorised coil restrictors, which are lowered onto palletised coil loads to prevent taller coils shifting during handling.

There are also sensors on the machine to detect the presence of each load, which feeds back to prevent accidental opening of the legs during lifting.

Other indicators and sensors aid the machine operator in aligning the coils or pallet with the lifting assemblies, as well as coil protection.

The unit’s motion control enclosure can be fitted to its grab or the crane lifting the unit depending on the application, and the changeover from lifting pads or fork assembly is motorised.

This gives crane operators working from a cab full control, along with the ability to easily perform a changeover without leaving the cab.