The cranes are suitable for a range of applications including underneath bridge cranes, outdoor loading docks, machining and assembly areas where several jib cranes may overlap, and in areas serving multiple workshops, says EMH.

The lightweight aluminium track profiles make the cranes easy to configure to suit each application, and the anodized aluminium extrusions and enclosed rails are designed to maximise strength and increase durability.

The cranes are articulating, making them free-moving rather than being restricted to only moving at right-angles. This provides smooth operation and a low starting force even when under load, says EMH. The anti-kick up nylon wheels also help to provide smooth and safe movement.

A key advantage compared to other lightweight aluminium rail systems is the T-Slot design for splicing two pieces of rail together, says the manufacturer. This makes it easier to install a variety of integrating equipment, such as lifters and end-effectors, chain hoists and smart lifters. The system also eliminates bumps when a load is moved over track splices.