The hoists can operate from 2­–36m/minute, and up to 48m/minute in certain applications, says Liftket—and unladen, the hoists can be operated at up to 200% of the nominal speed. The variable frequency drive (VFD) that allows variable speeds is integrated into the manufacturer’s established Star series, which have been installed in operations across the world.

The hoists are fitted either with two-speed settings or with variable speed control, operated through analogue push-buttons. The hoists’ brakes engage instantly, says Liftket, without ramp-down—allowing for precise positioning, and saving time compared to conventional systems.

The Star VFD hoists also feature an integrated status display for operating hours and remaining service life, eliminating the need to open the housing for maintenance checks.

Liftket ships individually-configured chain hoists within 15 working days. The Star VFD range covers capacities from 125–2,000kg.