The Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA) has introduced the MMA-Certified Program for enclosed track workstation cranes, monorails and patented track systems.

The MMA-Certified Program was developed by the MMA to instill confidence in product specifiers and end users through evidence that the MMA-Certified products meet the American National Standards (ANSI) MH27.1 or MH27.2 Specifications, and that the products are properly supported in the market.

The certification consists of two sections.  The first section consists of a review by a registered professional engineer to determine that the product design meets or exceeds the design requirements of the ANSI specifications by completing the Declaration of Conformity – Technical.  Upon affirmation of this, the Declaration of Conformity – Technical is stamped by the registered professional engineer.

The second section addresses service and support.  A Declaration of Conformity – Service and Support is signed by the company’s CEO.  This Declaration of Conformity – Service and Support affirms that the company provides:

– Literature and manuals that address safety, installation, maintenance, warranty, and replacement parts.

– Product training and technical support.

– Availability of spare parts for the “life cycle” of the product.

– Qualified service and repair capability.

– Proof of adequate liability insurance.

The Monorail Manufacturers Association administers MMA-Certified and only those products that have met the technical, support and service requirements can display the MMA-Certified logo.  Companies having earned the MMA-Certified status for their products will display the MMA-Certified logo on their products, literature and brochures.

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