As the recent Winter Olympics showed, snow is required for winter sports, but the weather cannot always be relied upon to provide the amount needed.

Using Supersnow’s snow guns, jibs and complete snow-making systems, snow can be produced in ambient temperatures of up to 30°C.

 One of the company’s newest products is the E400 jib, which lifts the snow guns. Rafal Topolski, chief executive at Supersnow, explained: “The idea behind the new snow gun was to make it very light, so it can be lifted up to increase snow delivery. Placing the jib on a high level means the flight duration of ejected water drops extends, which turns into better utilization of weather conditions.”

Supersnow chose the Kito ER2 electric chain hoist due to its benefits in safety, longevity and maintenance, and because the hoist is designed for use in aggressive conditions. Kito nickel-plates its load chains, making the hoist very strong and wear-resistant, resulting in a long operating life and reduced operating costs, says the manufacturer.

The hoist allows the snow guns to be raised and adjusted smoothly, to a maximum height of 4m above ground level. This eliminates the need to transport the guns between locations, as a greater area can be covered. It also increases safety as it is almost impossible for skiers to come into direct contact with the machines.