The hoist will reach lifting capacities of up to 50t when it launches in about November, Street managing director Andrew Pimblett told Hoist magazine.

The company will begin to test prototype components in March.

“Our open winch hoist is robust, but it is not as competitive as hoists from Konecranes and Demag,” Pimblett said.

This hoist is designed to fill a gap of relatively simple cranes with larger lifting capacities than Street’s largest 25t capacity standard hoist, but not quite as heavy-duty as the open-winch hoist, Pimblett said.

“It’s the last hole in the range to fill,” Pimblett said.

The new hoist will be able to lift 50t with eight falls of wire rope, or 12.5t with two falls. It has 2.5 times the capacity of the existing ZX.

The UK-based company ships about 1,400 wire rope and chain hoists per year, and saw a new order growth of 55% for hoists, crane kits and spare parts. The company’s sales revenue is £12m (Euro 17.5m).