Iron and Steel tech show set for spring

28 February 2023

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The annual AISTech event will take place this May in Michigan.

AISTech, North America’s largest annual iron and steel technology conference and exposition, takes place in May this year in Detroit, US. More than 7,000 steel professionals from 40-plus countries are expected to attend a show that will feature over 450 exhibitors, including the likes of G.W. Becker, GH Cranes & Components, Konecranes, Magnetek, Mazzella Companies, Piedmont Hoist and Crane, Tele Radio, The Caldwell Group, Xtek, and Bradley Lifting.

Showcasing technologies from all over the world that help steelmakers to compete more effectively, AISTech provides a networking opportunity for visitors, enabling them to collaborate with the experts and colleagues and get involved in the discussion to help shape the steel industry of tomorrow.

With over 100 technical sessions and more than 300 individual presentations, attendees can learn about the latest products and processes happening in every aspect of the steelmaking process.

The conference sessions currently being developed are set to focus on the following topic areas:


Methods used to prevent structural damage; runway issues or modifications; overcoming major mechanical component failures; digital DC drive conversions; new technologies, innovations or enhancement efforts through automation; methods for reducing the costs of parts, maintenance and installations; techniques used to capture, maintain and analyse crane statistical data, or to make substantial productivity gains.


Crane safety; assessment of safety systems and reporting; and emergency planning.


AI, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, augmented or virtual reality, the Industrial Internet of Things, cybersecurity for industrial control systems.


Project planning and implementation approaches for new installations, retrofits, and maintenance projects; project team alignment/team building; new technologies to aid the project team; risk assessment, commissioning and project close-out.


Planning, scheduling, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, reliability, resource development/talent acquisition.


Lubricant technology (greases, oils, solid lubricants); hydraulic fluids and systems; fluid filtration and filter media; oil reclamation and refining; plant lubrication programmes; lubricant life and testing methods; sealing technology; gearing technology; electric motors lubrication; coupling lubrication.

When: 8-11 May 2023
Where: Huntington Place, Detroit, Michigan, US
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