The Aberdeen-based business, which provides a range of inspection, monitoring and engineering services to the global energy, defence and industrial markets, has launched the Viper Mini MK II wire rope lubricator.

The Viper Mini is a smaller version of larger models in the Viper range but, according to IMES, this means it can be carried and installed by one person, rather than two.

It can clean and lubricate ropes in a single application at speeds of up to 1,000 metres per hour.

Jason Smith, chief operating officer at IMES, explained: "We’re delighted to unveil the new Viper Mini, particularly in light of its ability to improve efficiencies for vital crane and shipping operations.

"Due to the product’s size and portability we expect it to prove popular with a broad base of industry sectors, especially ship owners who wish to protect the asset life of all of their wire ropes ranging from 8mm to 30mm in diameter."