“We started in 2003 working with cameras onsite for cranes for a few years before being asked to put them on the tower and the mast. We did that, then we were asked to put them on the hook. We realised having a camera attached directly to the hook block of a crane is a great benefit to the operator and continued from there,” said owner David Catanzaro.

“We have the traditional HookCam which is our flagship product then a new add-on product,  HookCam analytics, which focuses on the critical pick, making people more aware of what’s going on. We patented the product in 2003, and today our interest is taking that video through the lens of the HookCam and sending it our processor and coming up with the analytics, the big thing is we are still focused on the hook and safety.”



HookCam allows the operator to see the pace and swing of the load and provides the situational awareness necessary to reduce potential accidents and property damage. This view from the hook gives the operator more control, reducing their levels of stress and fatigue.

“The HookCam box is a custom-made, weather-tight, overhead lifting rated magnet, battery and antennae on the top which is rugged and heavy-duty. 20 years in the making for this box,” said Chris, chief technical officer, (CTO) Operations, HookCam.

The company has previously worked with the US Navy and a 1700m high tower in San Francisco.

“The feedback we have been getting was first from operators asking for the product, now we get the calls form the safety manager or project superintendent. The product can benefit the customers in a variety of scenarios so that’s something we get a lot of satisfaction out of and repeat customer orders thanks to the relationships we have built over time,” added David.

“We are always reviewing the products to make them better and analytics is really critical.”