Machines and equipment used in these so-called danger zones apply to a certain protection category against sparks and high operating-temperatures.


The SWF EEx SK unit is especially designed for Zone 22, in which dust ex-atmospheres are seldom and only of short periods. Zone 22 can be areas such as the direct vicinity of filling stations at silos or in Big-Bag handling.

The EEx electric chain hoist for Zone 22 is based on powerful industrial hoists of the SK range and therefore, it said, “offers all advantages and varieties such as trolleys and frequency inverter control for trolley drive and hoisting. This also allows for a competitive price.”


Improved and certified sealants, applying as a minimum to protection category IP55, “guarantee a maximum of safety when using the EEx chain hoists.” The motors’ temperature is continually monitored so that it can not rise to a critical level. All electric components are accordingly capsuled and thereby also prevent dust from entering into the hoist. Protective caps prevent dust from settling on the parts that are warm from operating.

The EEx electric chain hoist SK meets all requirements according to guideline 94/9/EG and also the valid ATEX regulations.

The Spanish industry-supplier Vinca Equipos Industriales SA from Sant Andreu de la Barca has, for example, installed an EX electric chain hoist SK with an ultimate load of 2,500kg at a manufacturing company in the food industry. The hoist supports when filling Big-Bags in a dust-explosive atmosphere. The hoisting height is 3m and the operating range is set by the 10m long crane runway.

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