The company held an open house event in September to commemorate the completion of the project, which also featured a presentation from the general management of the Germany-headquartered company, looking at more than 70 years of company history.

The expansion has provided the warehousing and operational space to more than double the throughput of each of the company’s key departments, and the company is now in the process of completing the deployment of several additional service and repair islands and system assembly and production islands. A new product showroom has also been built, to enable customers to experience using products from the company’s portfolio.

Jeff Allan, CEO of HBC-Radiomatic Inc., said: “As the market demand for HBC’s radio controls has continued to strengthen, the primary purpose of our expansion was always to improve the responsiveness and flexibility for the growing needs of our valued partners and users. And while the construction programme created some natural disruptions to the company’s operations, the Hebron team applied a tremendous amount of extra time and effort to reduce those effects on our customers. Today, we are completely focused on optimising local production, expanding technical support and services, and now have the infrastructure and resources to support these goals.

“As we have significantly increased domestic assembly and as there are no signs of this activity slowing, the expansion also provides truck dock facilities for easy loading/unloading of volume, palletised parts and system shipments. We are also very pleased to highlight that the expansion includes a dedicated service entrance for those customers requiring immediate technical product support.

“While other manufacturers continue to offshore product support, we will maintain our focus on increased domestic capacity and services. These latest measures have already resulted in tangible improvements to local product availability, even as we continue to expand the scope of products and services being provided domestically.

“The expansion demonstrates stability and security for our market, and we appreciate the patience and support of our customers throughout the process. As the vast majority of the radio control systems we sell are being fitted to new machinery by OEM’s or integration partners, continuity of supply to those businesses is critical, as is the local flexibility to ensure we can grow and adapt as the needs of our customers shift.”