This procurement is being issued as a 100% small business set-aside. The North American Industrial Classification Standard (NAICS) is 333923.

The contract will cover the inspection of hoists, cranes and weight calibrations according to Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) 1910.179. The contractor will perform services between the hours of 6.30 to 17.00 Tuesday through Friday.

Persons inspecting the cranes will report to the Civil Engineering Production Control Centre in building 1256 to inform them of their presence on the base and/or to receive any special instructions.

The following items are required to be inspected monthly – the inspection results will be annotated on a monthly inspection report:

– Check main hoist upper and lower limit switches, holding brake, rope or chain

– Rope checked for reduction of rope diameter, broken wires, corrosion, and kinking

– Crane motion, bridge, trolley and hoist

– Braking bridge, trolley, and hoist

– Air supply, supply lines, tanks and filters

– Chain hook and auxiliary hook throat openings, cracking, wear, twist and hook latch

– Measure hook throat opening using a dial caliper

– Record reading on inspection sheet

– Chain stretching, corrosion, lubrication and binding

– Measure the outside lengths of any convenient number of links approximately 12 to 14 inches over all on the unused chain

– Measure the same number of links in the used section of chain and calculate the percentage increase in length

– Record reading on inspection sheet

– Push buttons, guards, grommets and tags

The following items are required to be inspected annually – the inspection results will be annotated on an annual inspection report:

– Bridge and trolley electrical control panels, festoon wiring, general wiring, collector’s shoes, and operations

– Bridge and trolley mechanical capacity markings, wheels, gearing, bearing shafts, gear case, guards, brakes, bumpers, rail sweeps, alignment, overall structure and welds

– Main hoist and auxiliary hoist electrical brake, controls, limit switches, general wiring, festoon, collector shoes and operations

– Main hoist mechanical capacity markings, gear case, coupling, rope drum, guards, sheaves and pendant retractor, brake and chain

– Air hoists upper and lower limit, air lines festoon, air controls, oilers, filters, supply lines and retractor reel

– Pendant controller check for proper insulation from shock, control operation, proper markings, festoons, restraint cable and retractor reel

– Main load block capacity markings, sheaves, shafts, bearings and safety hook latch

– Runway stops, bumpers, rail alignment, elevation, rail joints and wear, foundation and general structure

– Monorail alignment, beam wear and general structure

– Jibs mast, head and boom condition, level and square, tie rods, tagline, or festoon and bearings

Deadline: October 4 2006.

Solicitation number: W912L1-06-R-5013.

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