Dematic has extended the availability of its KEM travel units to a complete range of sizes. The KEM travel unit is designed for rail-mounted materials handling and wheel loads up to 50t, and is used in the crane industry, for example, to reduce installation and service costs. It was improved two years ago to increase load capacity and reduce maintenance needs, Dematic says.

The KEM travel unit consists of a non-driven wheel set and a geared wheel set with motor. It is a corner-bearing assembly to make maintenance easier. To change a wheel, the end carriage merely has to be slightly raised, the wheel rolled out through the opening at the front and the spare wheel rolled into position.

Corner-bearing travel units with travel wheel diameters of 400mm and 500mm were already available. Now the series has been extended to include sizes 250mm, 315mm and 630mm as well.

Load capacity has been enhanced by approximately 40%, Dematic says. The 500mm diameter wheel set, for example, now offers 40t instead of 26.5t capacity. This upgrade means that, in many cases, smaller wheels and thus smaller gearboxes and motors can be used.