Demag introduces energy chain crane option

26 October 2011

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Demag Cranes has announced that in the coming months, it will begin supplying its standard cranes, which are radio-controlled, with energy chain systems as an added option.

The chain runs alongside the girder to contain control cables and power-supply cables, providing better clearance, minimum wear and smooth travel, Demag said. 
The company said its energy chain, already a market-proven concept in Germany, is made of durable plastic to guide cables for the hoist unit, with applications for outdoor cranes.  
“A trailing cable arrangement continues to be used for cranes operating outdoors and for cranes with cable-connected controls and a control pendant that travels independently from the hoist unit,” Demag explained.
The system may also be used in a double-crab operation, with the power infeed point configured in the middle of the crane girder. 
The chain’s design includes user-friendly features, such as a partially perforated channel, mounted on the side of the crane girder, allowing dust and moisture to escape, and multi-function channel brackets that, along with the matching attachment system, allow for easy installation and allow other cables to fit behind it.
Demag Cranes worked with a supplier to develop the system, not only to guarantee the quality of the materials and design, but also to ensure it could be made available globally.
Demag said,  “The improved clearance dimensions are a significant advantage of the energy chain system compared to conventional trailing cables.  This provides additional safety if the crane has to travel over obstacles, such as high workshop equipment or parts of machinery, for example. 
“The use of an energy chain system eliminates the need for a cable accumulating section, particularly for large crane span dimensions,” Demag continued.  “The lifting height and the area covered by the crane are significantly increased.  Removing trailing cable arrangements also eliminates the need for their C-rail support brackets.  This benefit pays off wherever cranes have to operate on different levels, for example.”
The energy chain system can be provided with Demag Crane sets, custom packages of components meeting requirements of individual customers.  These may be supplied assembled, as a complete crane, with steelwork that is locally fabricated.  As part of this package, the energy chain is supplied completely pre-assembled, with customer support during the planning phase, and tested.
Demag will provide the new energy chain cable system option on all of its single or double-girder cranes, cranes with rolled I-beam and box-section girders, and overhead travelling and suspension cranes, with both rope and chain hoists.