The press brake is formed of two parts, each weighing 32.5t. To counter the limited working height, MJ van Riel used a low loader to transport the press brake into the factory. The SL300 gantry—which offers the highest lifting capacity on a 61cm track gauge in heavy lifting and rigging applications, said Enerpac—and the header beam’s electric-powered side shift unit lifted and positioned each press brake, equipped with two-stage lifting cylinders for loads up to 3,000kN.

Both parts were aligned and levelled accurately as part of the process, added Enerpac. The SL300 features self-contained hydraulics, as with all Enerpac gantries, and is designed to ensure automatic synchronisation of lifting with an accuracy of 25.4mm and automatic synchronisation of travel with an accuracy of 15mm.

MJ van Riel used the gantry’s Intellilift wireless remote control to maintain unobstructed views of the load, and to assist with the accurate positioning of the press brake.

“The SL300 gantry gave us a trouble-free lift and is perfect for this kind of project where there is low headroom and no internal crane,” said Frank van Oosterwijk, commercial technical adviser for Industrial Movements at MJ van Riel. “The powered side shift was particularly effective in providing the accurate positioning we needed.”

The SL300 is a telescopic hydraulic gantry and complies with the ASME B30.1-2015 safety standards, said Enerpac. At a retracted height of 2,705mm it has a lift capacity of 3,000kN on four legs; at stage 1 the lift capacity is 750kN at 4,605mm; and at stage 2 the capacity is 500kN at 6,700mm.

Each gantry is tested to 125% of capacity at full extension, and the model is also CE-compliant.