Dockside environmental news: Decarbonising Europe

18 January 2024

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We report on TEC Container joining Alianza Net-Zero Mar, promoting decarbonisation and electrification in the maritime sector in Spain, and Parker Hannifin launching a network of Certified Mobile Electrification Centers across the continent.

TEC Container, a cargo container stowage firm, joined Alianza Net-Zero Mar, a collaborative non-profit platform that promotes decarbonisation and electrification in the maritime sector in Spain, during the summer.

The primary objective of Net-Zero Mar is to position the Spanish maritime industry as a leader in emissions reduction in maritime port environments and the adoption of alternative technologies to achieve these goals. The alliance seeks to facilitate continuous dialogue among stakeholders in the sector, including companies, institutions and official bodies. It also aims to undertake specific projects, promote research, development, and innovation to support the transformation towards decarbonisation.

The non-profit was established in November 2021 in response to a new regulatory framework in the European Union, including the FuelEU maritime initiative (part of the Fit for 55 programmes), the European Green Deal, the European Climate Law, and the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law. These initiatives emphasise the importance of the green economy for industrial development, job creation, and recovery in Europe.

Alianza Net-Zero Mar also wants to become the primary source of updated information about initiatives and the progress of decarbonisation projects in the maritime-port sector. More than 40 organisations and institutions have joined the initiative, ranging from ports to associations.

The platform serves as a reference for the maritime port sector in terms of organising communication activities, training programmes, working groups, studies, and publications.

It aims, too, to foster a favourable opinion among official bodies, administrations, and the general public, recognising the efforts of the Spanish maritime-port sector in decarbonisation. The alliance also advocates for consistent criteria in the legislative framework related to safety, fiscal and financial structures, and support mechanisms to accelerate the decarbonisation of maritime transport and ports.


Parker Hannifin, the motion and control technologies business, is launching a network of Certified Mobile Electrification Centers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to accelerate the transition to low-carbon mobile equipment operations.

Novum Tech – based in Goncelin, near Grenoble – is the first Parker distributor to complete the training and assessment process required for certification. More will follow in France and other regions as Parker expands this network.

The mission of Parker Certified Mobile Electrification Centers is to assist mobile equipment manufacturers in the electrification of their machines. In the first phase of the electrification process, most machine manufacturers only upgrade the machine’s driveline, replacing the diesel engine with an electric motor. But from the second phase, they seek to reduce the energy consumption of mobile machines to extend their autonomy and improve productivity.

Such a transformation is not without difficulties. These include the complexity of combining hydraulic, electrical and control technologies to achieve the longest machine autonomy or equipment operating time on a single battery charge; compliance withfunctional safety standards; the need for quiet operation in urban areas; and cost constraints to facilitate the adoption of electrified machines.

To meet these challenges, mobile equipment manufacturers are not resourceless.

With Parker’s Smart electrification solutions, they have a unique offering of hydraulic, electrical, control and cooler technologies and components designed to work as a coherent system in the harshest environments.

To implement these solutions, machine manufacturers can now call on the support of Parker Certified Mobile Electrification Centers. Specialised in mobile machine electrification and carefully selected by Parker for its application and machine experience, these partners undergo regular product training and are thus able to deliver services to the same performance and quality standards as Parker’s teams.

“We chose Novum Tech for its proven expertise in electrification systems design and ability to deliver series production of integrated solutions that leverage the full potential of Parker’s mobile and motion control technologies,” says Adrien Tenga, market development manager, Motion Systems Group EMEA. “As a partner within our evolving network of Certified Mobile Electrification Centers, Novum Tech shares our commitment to help on- and off-road machine manufacturers to reduce environmental impacts while optimising operational efficiency.”

Acting as a Tier 1 supplier to truck and construction machines manufacturers, Novum Tech can offer complete support from studies and design to the serial supply of entire electrification solutions, including Parker electric motors, drives, coolers and controllers, as well as its Li- Ion batteries and its control systems.

“As a Parker partner, we have easy access to quality products, a detailed technical specifications database, unique software tools and expert support. Together, we’re able to help manufacturers reduce their development time and accelerate the decarbonisation of their mobile fleets,” said Mickaël Robert, president/CTO, Novum Tech.

Novum Tech has completed the training and assessment process required to become a Parker Certified Mobile Electrification Center.