Its Conover Drive location in Franklin is an 8,400sq ft building is set to expand to provide another 5,000sq ft of floor space.

The project will take approximately 3 months to complete, according to a Crane 1 Services spokesperson.

Steve Harris, VP sales and marketing, said that over the next several years the company will hire 20 industrial workers including service technicians, fabricators, electricians and mechanics.

“I think any business can grow if you get the right kind of people who have an eye for building their business,” said Harris.

Crane 1 supplies overhead hoist and crane products from a range of equipment makers, including Yale/Shawbox, Gorbel and ACCO Wright.  Crane 1 Services also provides training and servicing.  The company was established by former owners, managers and executives of Crane America Services in 2007.  Crane America Services is now owned by Demag AG.