CMAK Crane Systems further expands NXS Series electric wire rope hoist range

1 March 2023

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CMAK Crane Systems will continue the expansion its NXS Series range of electric wire rope hoists in the coming months.

With lifting capacities of between 2.0t and 160t, the first models in the range began being supplied to customers in 2021, but the latest additions to the line-up, such as NXS110, will be launched in the first half of 2023.

NXS series hoists are equipped with pole-changing or stepless inverter-controlled AC induction squirrel-cage hoisting motors. All cross-travel or longitudinal motions are driven by the inverters. Due to preset acceleration/deceleration ramps, CMAK says there is minimal wear on the cross-travel mechanism, thus extending the service life with smooth running.

The company also says that the NXS hoists have a large-diameter rope drum and compact pulley system, enabling them to have the “maximum number of reeving for easily reaching high lifting heights without increasing the size of the hoist”. Lifting and lowering, the company adds, “are done with minimal hook drift, similar to absolute vertical lifting systems”.

The hoists, which are compatible with ISO, FEM and CE standards, employ high-tensile strength wire ropes of 2,160N/mm² grade and a high-performance polymer rope guide, as well as a modular casted chassis and direct-driven forged wheels.

The product is compatible with the CMAK advanced electronic system HoistSense+, which keeps track of usage, load and critical incidents, increasing efficiency and decreasing downtime.

Like all CMAK’s hoists, the NXS series is equipped with an overload limiter as standard.

Every part of the NXS series hoist can be disassembled for maintenance and part replacement.

Orcun Cakmak, general manager, CMAK, said the hoists offer “increased durability, lowered vibration, cost saving, increased height of lift and more”.