Mombarg Beton has more than 30 years of experience with prefab concrete and watertight concrete constructions such as cellars and wells. The manufactured products are supplied to a wide range of customers, such as project developers, housing associations, infrastructure contractors and energy companies.

Mombarg Beton will use the gantry crane to make standardised and customised prefab concrete basements and lift shafts. The prefab basements will, in particular, make their way into the Dutch luxury housing sector, while the lift shafts are for non-residential construction, such as offices.

Due to the different shapes and weights of the manufactured elements, the gantry crane has two hoists with a 30t safe working load (SWL) and a third, supporting hoist with 6.3t SWL. Variable speeds, thermal switches, rope guides, limit switches and overload limiters are standard on all CMAK hoists.

The hoists have different controlling options that allow them to work individually or synchronously to transfer and store materials. Additional features include a motorised cable reel system, LED floodlights along the beam for improved visibility, an audible warning system and flashing lights on each gantry leg to ensure awareness for operators when the crane moves along its floor-mounted railings, and an emergency stop system.

The crane has cross and long travel speeds of up to 31m/min and hoisting speed of up to 5.1m/min, with an 8m lift height. The crane will be operated using a multiple-system joystick transmitter that will control hoists, long travel movements and lights.

All the hoists include HoistSense+, which CMAK calls a “unique system… with its advanced monitoring, controlling and reporting capabilities”. HoistSense+ works with Industry 4.0 applications, transforming the crane “from a regular one to an advanced sensor – basically monitoring anything from workload [and] when to service, [and] advising which points to check, making the user proactive and avoiding problems”.

There is also an UltraSpeed function, which increases nominal speed on all motions when the load is below a certain set amount of the SWL.

The crane is required to operate in day-night shifts and will face different weather conditions, which is why it was also equipped with rain covers and standby heaters.

“Thorough consideration was given to continuous operation conditions in view of DIN 15018 grading in the hoisting gear and load group,” said Zaydoon Tabrah, export sales engineer, CMAK. “At nominal load, sag is less than 1/1,000 of the span. Gantry cranes are of welded box-girder construction,” he added.

“CMAK and CMAK NL teams studied the required specifications and were well aware of the importance of this crane, and we were glad to meet our customer’s demands according to the site and work conditions.

“After many years of working with long-distance, far away customers we have all the tools needed to ship/deliver our products in the best condition, starting from the pre-design modifications up to seaworthy wooden cage boxes and supporting steel structures. We were pleased with the positive and encouraging feedback from Mombarg Beton and we will be in touch to provide the needed technical support.”

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