Canadian win for Condra

4 July 2012

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South Africa-based Condra has sold four mining hoists on a rapid turnaround in Canada.

The hoists were sold by Indoc Cranes, Condra's authorised agent in Canada. Condra entered the Canadian market at the beginning of 2011.

Three were modified versions of Condra's standard hoists with capacities of 15, 35 and 40USt, designed to be used in mining applications in various parts of Canada.

The 60USt single-girder underslung monorail hoist new for the company in terms of both its size and configuration, the company said.

Condra designed it to incorporate dual rope-drums and dual bottom-blocks with a separate motor for each, synchronised by variable speed drives to allow perfectly level lifts.

Kleiner said designers were careful to ensure that the drum torque was prevented from entering the rope, which would have resulted in twisting of the bottom-blocks.

"We have previously manufactured a dual-drum 30USt underslung hoist with a very high lift of 100m, but this is our first design of this type to such a high capacity," Kleiner said.

"The lead time was tight. We took just twelve weeks to manufacture this machine, shipped it to Canada in another six, and came in three weeks ahead of the schedule allowed for by the customer. This was exceptional for a unit of this size," he said.
The 60USt machine is scheduled for use as a maintenance hoist to maintain the headframe.

Condra said headgear maintenance in South Africa is done with a double-girder overhead crane for which space is allocated within the headgear design, in Canada the maintenance hoist is not afforded the same degree of importance, and often has to be fitted into the space remaining after the headframe is virtually complete.

"We had to design the 60-tonner to in such a way that it would not snag the rope where it passes over the sheave wheels close to the bottom-blocks. We achieved this by designing a more compact bottom block to allow a closer hook height," Kleiner explained.

Condra's manager in charge of sales to North and South America, Kyle Kleiner, said success in Canada resulted from quick turnaround on quotation, fast delivery of drawing revisions, and commissioning support among other things.

Condra does not intend to take its high-lift leadership focus from South Africa across to Canada, Kleiner said, though pricing strategies are being reviewed in order to expand sales for standard hoists, where competition is fierce.