Due to the layout and size of the crane, Zenar designed the crane to use two DC mill motors on the main hoist. Avtron will provide its ADDvantage-32 DC drive system, which will be set-up to co-ordinate the drives. In the event of a drive or motor failure, the drives will be programmed to run the hoist on a single drive and motor combination at reduced speeds. This configuration of a tandem motor set-up insures continued production and reduced down time.

The crane’s travel motions will utilise Avtron’s ACCel500 AC crane drive. Avtron worked with SDI to develop four standard sizes of AC drives that can be used on all cranes in the mill. This reduces mill spare inventories and cuts maintenance costs.

Both the AC and DC drive will be provided with ethernet communication cards. Ethernet will be used to network the system drives together for access from a diagnostic computer. Ethernet will also provide the backbone for future wireless communications and access of the drive system. Ethernet provides a cost effective means of tying the system together and allows access to both the AC and DC drives at the same time.