Outline of an overhead crane written exam

17 January 2007

Domain 1 - Pre-operation activities (approximately 27% of test)

For example: Know emergency shutdown procedures; know where to locate and verify access to main runway disconnect; know lockout/tag-out condition resolutions.

Domain 2 - Work requirements (approximately 27% of test)

For example: Determine how much the load weighs; know the proper use of below the hook lifting devices; know proper rigging selection and applications.

Domain 3 - Load handling (approximately 27% of test)

For example: Verify communication devices (radios) are functioning correctly; perform hoist brake check with load; verify crane and load path is clear of personnel and obstructions.

Domain 4 - Shutdown and secure (approximately 4% of test)

For example: Know where to park the crane; know shutdown procedures; report deficiencies or problems to supervision.

Domain 5 - Technical knowledge (approximately 15% of test)

For example: Know ASME B30.2-overhead and gantry cranes; know crane manufacturer's operating instructions; know functions and limitations of crane components and attachments.