The UK’s Ministry of Defence brought in Crane Care when it needed help with systems to inspect military equipment.

The Birmingham, UK-based company supplied 14 turnover fixtures to the MoD for inspecting and servicing temporary field bridges around the world. Under a separate contract it has also supplied and installed two overhead cranes and free standing steel frame to be used for inspecting and repairing heavy goods vehicles at a Royal Engineers’ base in Germany.

Crane Care has also modernised the control systems of eight cranes for warship builder Vosper Thornycroft in Southampton. Crane Care, sole supplier of HBC remote controls in the UK and Ireland, had installed the original remote controls 10 years ago.

“Although cutting edge in its time, the old system was badly in need of an overhaul,” said Vosper Thornycroft maintenance manager Dave McLaughlin. “The technology was such that, should another system be operating within the same frequency in the vicinity, the cranes would automatically shut down. Considering the ever-increasing number of radio control systems within the area, this was a regular occurrence.” HBC’s ‘eco’ system, which has now been installed, operates on one of 16 wavebands and changes automatically whenever frequencies overlap.