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The Crosby Group is a global leader in the innovation, manufacturing, and distribution of products and services used to make lifting and load securement safer and more efficient, with premier brands such as Crosby, Gunnebo Industries, Crosby Straightpoint, Acco, McKissick, Crosby Feubo, Trawlex, Lebus, and CrosbyIP.

With global engineering, manufacturing, distribution and operations, the company provides a broad range of products and solutions for the most demanding applications with uncompromising quality that exceed industry standards.


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The Crosby Group
2600 N. Central Expressway, Suite 100,
Richardson, TX 750800
United States
Company Website: www.thecrosbygroup.com/contact-us/

Key Personnel

: Lisa Ehrborg

Company Details

URL: www.thecrosbygroup.com/contact-us/

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