B2P is a U.S. based non-profit organization that partners with local communities, partners, and foundations, to build trailbridges that connect residents to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. Since its establishment, B2P has built more than 360 trailbridges in 21 countries, serving over 1.3 million community members throughout the world.

Brandy Bertram, Interim CEO and VP of Development at Bridges to Prosperity, said: “Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty, and connection is the foundation to opportunity. We have trusted Crosby products for years to enable our safe, sustainable and scalable solutions and consider The Crosby Group to be a core partner in every bridge we build.”

The Crosby Group’s contribution will include the supply of critical products such as clips, turnbuckles, snatch blocks and COLT’s (wire rope tension meter) for the construction of the next 32 bridges in Rwanda and 8 bridges in Uganda.  Collectively these projects will connect over 181,000 people to health care, education and employment.  The Crosby Group will also provide training and expertise to the teams constructing the bridges to ensure best safety practices for lifting and rigging.

Robert Desel, CEO at The Crosby Group said: “We applaud the tremendous impact that Bridges to Prosperity has made in communities around the world and are thrilled that our products and expertise contribute to the mission.

As the Bridges to Prosperity teams continue to deploy around the world, we want to ensure they have the best-in-class hardware and in-depth training for safe rigging and operations.

Desel added: “In the future, The Crosby Group also intends on sending team members to assist in the building of bridges and in-person training. Together with B2P and our global channel network, we look forward to a world where rural isolation no longer exists so that families can access healthcare, children can travel safely to school, and farmers can reliably reach local markets.”