Starting with SCE in 2017, Brammer completed six months at the AMRC training centre, before going on the road with engineers and later deciding to start the HNC in Electrical Engineering.

"It is a pleasure for me to extend my congratulations to Louise with regards to this achievment. The circumstances concerning the completion of this course were made all the more difficult due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many attendees did not manage to complete this course as a result. It is testament to her positive attitude and tenacity," said Ray Fletcher, MD, SCE.

"There is always the opportunity to learn and progress at SCE, when I completed my level three apprenticeship with the AMRC, I had the opportunity to take it further. I chose to start HNC in Electrical Engineering to further my knowledge and the units I studied were helping me whilst on site. I have been able to go on multiple training courses while working with SCE, such as LEEA," said Brammer.

Fletcher added; “The technical knowledge that Louise gained in the more practical side of our business has paved the way for a very successful transition into our internal estimating team. We have a wealth of experience and this additional qualification that Louise has achieved adds even more weight to our technical credentials."