Ross brings decades of experience to the company. He started his career with a Civil Engineering apprenticeship, completing a BTEC ONC and HNC in civil engineering and went onto study for a further four years, completing a diploma from the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

It was during his time in the water industry he started his Health and Safety training. 

“I’ve always had an interest in construction as I enjoy design and problem solving. I recall early in my career there was an incident on site, I remember thinking how can you go to work and get hurt, just going to work and not getting home safely does not compute for me. My main motivation has always been to make sure people get home at the end of every day. Decades later, I never tire of celebrating safety milestones,” said Ross.

In 2004 Ross joined Alfred McAlpine as a regional HSE lead, before it was acquired by Carillion which led to him being promoted to head of HSE. In 2014 Ross moved to Balfour Beatty, where he was HSES director for the last three years.

“It’s been an exciting few weeks, but it’s crucial that I walk in the shoes of as many people as quickly as possible. I have already passed my IPAF PAL 3 a/b and can now operate boom and scissor lifts, this learning experience is so valuable when you are embracing new challenges," he said.

“Nationwide Platforms has made huge strides with innovations like Harness On, I am really excited to see all the innovations we will continue to bring to market.

“Change often starts internally, and it’s clear that Nationwide Platforms values its people. Health is being championed alongside safety, not just with monitoring and training, but with little things like promoting work-life balance, discounted gym membership, continued employee engagement, that really foster that caring culture. It’s been fantastic to see changing attitudes over the years, especially with challenges like mental health awareness, but there’s still progress to be made. 

“I’m so excited to take on a new challenge at Nationwide Platforms and be at the forefront of making lasting change. There’s a real opportunity for me to make a difference here, especially with the support from the Leadership Team and external bodies such as IPAF.” 

Paul Rankin, CEO, Nationwide Platforms said Ross's dedication to fostering a culture of responsibility and vigilance aligns with the company's commitment to the well-being of its employees, and is confident its safety initiatives will thrive under his direction.