A 1,312ft , 140,542 ton behemoth , the Triple E has been credited with fuelling demand for a new generation of higher dockside cranes.

In an insightful three page feature, Zak Garner-Purkis explores how container crane owners are drawing up plans to master this rapidly evolving market.

From mastering the sea to controlling cranes, this month’s technology feature focuses on the mixed fortunes of the radio control industry.

To explain how closely tied the control industry is to the vicissitudes of the global economy, pundits often say that when the economy sneezes, the market for controls inevitably catches a cold.

However, this resilient sector continues to grow and, in many cases, prosper, despite the challenging economic landscape.

For an insight into this sector we canvass the opinion of industry thought leaders from Industrial Power & Control, Radiometrix and HBC-radiomatic.

Finally, after weeks spent trying to predict an uncertain future, we take a look back. Our history feature, Our Story, travels back in time to trace the history of the Terex Corporation.

Today a household name, the company was founded when Franklin D. Roosevelt occupied the White House, the blockbuster movie King Kong had just been released to a terrified public and the actor Maurice Joseph Micklewhite (later thankfully re-named Michael Caine) was born.

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