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August 2018


Big bag theory
22 August 2018 Kito has supplied a manufacturer of chemical products with electric chain hoists for lifting the ‘big bags’ used in the production process.

July 2018


Money for new rope
20 July 2018 The new, fifth, edition of ISO 4309 came out in 2017. It deals with ropes and rope safety in hoists. Julian Champkin looks at some of the issues involved.

Safety First
20 July 2018 Manufacturers of cranes for the metals distribution sector are designing their technologies to provide greater levels of safety for operators, while offering improved data analysis about the type of lifts they undertake. Tom Woerndl reports.

Innovate to expand
20 July 2018 Many of Europe’s major hoist manufacturers attended the CeMat and Messe Hannover show in Germany in late April. Daniel Searle attended the exhibition.

High water
20 July 2018 Verlinde has installed a gantry crane at a hydraulic engineering company in Algeria, replacing the existing crane that had been operating on the site for 30 years.

June 2018


Hot Ticket
14 June 2018 Live performances in theatres and arenas are demanding sophisticated special effects, and sophisticated lifting gear to provide them. Julian Champkin reports.

Sway away
14 June 2018 Sway control devices are becoming ever more useful, and used. Julian Champkin reports.

Versatile handling
14 June 2018 Exhibitors at Modex in Atlanta, USA showcased innovations in a range of types of lifting equipment, as well as accessories that keep hoists at the cutting edge. Daniel Searle visited the show.

Bridge club
14 June 2018 Shuttlelift has supplied two DB Series RTGs to Oldcastle Precast, a bridge girder specialist in California.

May 2018


Sling your hook
15 May 2018 Slings are standard lifting kit and outwardly may seem to hardly change. But their safe use is always essential and developments may be in the offing, reports Julian Champkin.

Science of growth
15 May 2018 The European market is focusing on regular improvements to lifting technology to keep growth steady and positive. Daniel Searle reports from Logimat, Stuttgart.

Getting Heavy
15 May 2018 Makers of trains, industrial machinery, prefabricated concrete elements and other heavy components may need to lift five tonnes or more. Julian Champkin reports on the heavy manufacturing sector.

GIS reaches high point
15 May 2018 GIS produced four 5t-capacity electric chain hoists to assist the construction of a funicular railway in the mountains of its home country of Switzerland.

April 2018


Smart tracking
27 April 2018 A company with many tools needs to keep track of where they are and what they have done. Changes have come in tagging technology, and more are on their way. We look at developments in asset tracking technology.

Home and away
27 April 2018 Innovation, exports and a strong domestic market are all contributing to a burgeoning market in Turkey. Daniel Searle reports.

Heat and dust
27 April 2018 Cranes used in metal foundries must withstand the worst of working environments and for safety must do so with absolute reliability. Julian Champkin explores the world of process cranes.

Space craft
27 April 2018 Mammoet used a space-saving method to erect a Konecranes Goliath crane at the Meyer Turku shipyard in Turkey.

March 2018


Magnetic attraction
15 March 2018 Czech Republic-based Axima manufactures a range of power systems for heavy lifting electromagnets.

Get a grip
15 March 2018 Automatic hook innovator Elebia has introduced the 5t-capacity C5 automatic lifting clamp, designed to work in pairs or multiple pairs to lift loads such as steel plates.

Regional Differences
15 March 2018 Lifting equipment market conditions in Latin America rely on the local political climate, which affects commodities and projects. Paola De Pascali reports