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October 2018


Sail away
09 October 2018 A davit crane manufactured by UK-based Reid Lifting has been installed at Calvert Trust Kielder, a specialised site for outdoors leisure pursuits, to allow disabled people to participate in watersports and other activities.

September 2018


Trash converters
25 September 2018 Waste-to-energy plants, which convert domestic or industrial waste and by-products into power, require reliable, efficient cranes, often with specialised bodywork and grabs. Julian Champkin looks at three examples, starting with a woodchip processing facility in Germany.

Rolling on rails
25 September 2018 The overhead monorail is a simple and robust way of moving loads in a factory. It has a long history but, as Julian Champkin finds, it has a future as well.

Trump card
24 September 2018 Erratic and controversial he may be, but Donald Trump’s business measures in the USA seem to have boosted industry in the country— albeit with some uncertainty. Daniel Searle reports.

Alping hand
21 September 2018 Stahl CraneSystems supplied chain hoists used in a tunnelling project in Austria, working with French bespoke lifting solution developer Acimex.

August 2018


Repeat business
23 August 2018 Jaso Industrial Cranes has supplied equipment for three stages of the hydropower complex in Guatemala, starting with Renace II, completed in 2011, and continuing today with Renace IV.

Long-term service
23 August 2018 The Naresuan Dam was built between 1976 and 1985 to control the flow of the Nan River north of the city of Phitsaulok in Thailand. As part of its strategy to increase clean power generation, the Thai government is building a new 8.4MW hydropower plant at the site.

Power up
23 August 2018 On-shore energy generation such as coalfired power stations and hydro-electric dams each have their own demands from their lifting equipment. Julian Champkin looks at three case studies.

Lift smart
23 August 2018 The future of factories is the so-called ‘Industry 4.0’, the complete and seamlessly integrated digital control of a production line. Julian Champkin looks at the current state of the art in digitalisation of lifting technology.

GIS acquires long-term UK partner LTM
22 August 2018 Lift Turn Move (LTM), a chain hoist and control specialist for the entertainment and industrial sectors, has been acquired by Swiss company GIS, whose products LTM has distributed for ten years.

A tool for every job
22 August 2018 Indeva UK works with its Italian parent company to produce bespoke manual handling manipulators for almost any application. Daniel Searle visited the company.

A new era
22 August 2018 With Brexit creating an uncertain landscape, Daniel Searle spoke to UK manufacturers about current and future opportunities. He visited Street Crane, a company planning large-scale growth.

Big bag theory
22 August 2018 Kito has supplied a manufacturer of chemical products with electric chain hoists for lifting the ‘big bags’ used in the production process.

July 2018


Money for new rope
20 July 2018 The new, fifth, edition of ISO 4309 came out in 2017. It deals with ropes and rope safety in hoists. Julian Champkin looks at some of the issues involved.

Safety First
20 July 2018 Manufacturers of cranes for the metals distribution sector are designing their technologies to provide greater levels of safety for operators, while offering improved data analysis about the type of lifts they undertake. Tom Woerndl reports.

Innovate to expand
20 July 2018 Many of Europe’s major hoist manufacturers attended the CeMat and Messe Hannover show in Germany in late April. Daniel Searle attended the exhibition.

High water
20 July 2018 Verlinde has installed a gantry crane at a hydraulic engineering company in Algeria, replacing the existing crane that had been operating on the site for 30 years.

June 2018


Hot Ticket
14 June 2018 Live performances in theatres and arenas are demanding sophisticated special effects, and sophisticated lifting gear to provide them. Julian Champkin reports.

Sway away
14 June 2018 Sway control devices are becoming ever more useful, and used. Julian Champkin reports.

Versatile handling
14 June 2018 Exhibitors at Modex in Atlanta, USA showcased innovations in a range of types of lifting equipment, as well as accessories that keep hoists at the cutting edge. Daniel Searle visited the show.