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June 2021


Entertainment needs a lift
17 June 2021 The pandemic has brought almost all public entertainment to a stop. But the makers of hoisting and lifting equipment are standing by to help bring shows to a reality as soon as they can resume. Julian Champkin reports.

If you don’t have a safe plant to work in, you can’t roll out that vision of safety to others
17 June 2021 This month, Hoist shines the spotlight on The Crosby Group. and speaks to Wim Fabricius, who has taken over from Jason Colwell, as the managing director for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region. Fabricius has been with the company for more than six years, most recently as vice president, commercial for EMEA and will now be responsible for leading the business in this region as Colwell moves back to the United States after nearly a decade in Europe.

Up, up & away!
17 June 2021 Verlinde hoists propelled to another level for helicopter maintenance

May 2021


Chains of time
20 May 2021 Manufacturers are expanding their industrial hoists portfolio by introducing new series of products which are manufactured for particular usage. Jenny Eagle investigates.

Heavy lifts, high seas
20 May 2021 Offshore loads get heavier, and subsea lifts go deeper, all the time. Julian Champkin investigates the hazards and developments.

New horizons
20 May 2021 Western Europe’s lifting market may have been grounded by the Covid pandemic but its underlying stability makes it ready for recovery. Keren Fallwell reports

Speed to quote is key. everybody wants information faster
20 May 2021 From why confusion still exists over load testing to why Handling Systems International (HSI) is expanding its online tool the Quotinator for on-demand quotes, Bret Lussow, director of business development, talks to Hoist about the challenges companies face today.

Safe water supply
20 May 2021 Elebia supplies evo10 marine hook for Panama water pumping station

April 2021


Sway control
23 April 2021 Anti-sway technology is one of the most sought after safety upgrades in crane modernization projects today as well as integrated digital control for Industry 4.0. Jenny Eagle investigates.

South of the border
23 April 2021 Latin America is large and diverse. As Julian Champkin discovers, its market for lifting gear is recovering from the pandemic.

In and out of the water
23 April 2021 Subsea lifting looks set for a busy summer. Julian Champkin looks at developments.

March 2021


Getting to grips
31 March 2021 Demand for speed & safety in critical lifting equipment is on the rise and while some projects have been put on hold due to coronavirus, the renewables sector is growing. Jenny Eagle investigates

Southern Comfort
31 March 2021 The market for hoists and factory cranes in Southern Europe is by no means as dire as some, in light of the pandemic, might have been led to believe. Julian Champkin finds optimism amongst its peers.

Gone fission
31 March 2021 The nuclear sector is seeing steady activity in maintenance and decommissioning projects, as conflict between public sentiment and energy needs make nuclear power a “necessary evil”. Mike Straus reports.

February 2021


From Russia with Love
17 February 2021 Despite the Covid-19 pandemic the industry is continuing to make investments, building new plants, upgrading existing cranes, seeing a rise in electric car sales and foreign companies expanding in Russia

Raising a storm
17 February 2021 2020 was a year like no other. The pandemic and the prospect of Brexit between them made it a year to remember, though perhaps not for the right reasons. Julian Champkin looks at how the UK lifting market weathered the storm and how it is looking forward to 2021.

January 2021


Weigh it up
25 January 2021 Load monitoring can be split into two main areas: overload protection and remote monitoring. Almost every crane will be fitted with one, if not both, systems which can be used to enhance safety and productivity. Simon Hastelow reports.

Crouching Tiger Rises
25 January 2021 Asia is an economy in expansion. Julian Champkin investigates the lifting market there.

Rope swing
25 January 2021 Synthetic rope from DSM’s HMPE fibre Dyneema has been produced for many years, and is now making the move into various specialised applications in the hoist industry. Daniel Searle reports.

December 2020


Push The Right Buttons
23 December 2020 Even though the standard pendant control is still found attached to many industrial hoists, remote controls have become ubiquitous in almost every sector. Simon Hastelow reports.