JLT Mobile Computers adds Android 10-based version to its JLT6012 series

14 September 2021

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JLT Mobile Computers has added an Android 10-based version to its JLT6012 series of rugged vehicle-mount computers. A limited number of production units are available for customers today, with volume production planned for Q4 of this year.

Designed to boost productivity in warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, ports and all other types of logistics deployments, the JLT6012A computer brings the familiar, user-friendly experience of Android to the JLT6012 series, reduces training needs and meets the expectations of the modern workforce.

Certified for Google Mobile Services (GMS), the computer also opens access to Android programming expertise and a growing number of Android apps and utilities.

“Android is the world’s most common operating system for mobile consumer devices and billions of people are familiar with it and use it every day,” said Per Holmberg, CEO, JLT Mobile Computers. “Many customers in our markets would love to use it in their business but they shy away because most Android devices aren’t designed for harsh industrial operating conditions. That’s where our new rugged JLT6012A Android 10 computer comes in as it is built from the ground up to work reliably in demanding environments. It’s the same tough machine as our field-proven JLT6012 Windows computer, and customers now have full flexibility to choose the best operating system fit for their specific operations.”

The target industries of the JLT6012A computer include warehousing; manufacturing; transportation; food and beverage; retail and wholesale; third party logistics; ports and similar.

The device takes into consideration the specific requirements of these industries, such as: reliable connection to any wireless infrastructure; automatic dimming that always sets the right display brightness; programmable function keys for easy access to common tasks; as well as an integrated wide-range isolated power supply for easy installation and operation in both combustion and electric vehicles.

The JLT6012A also removes one of the most common reasons for computer failure as its display is virtually unbreakable, while JLT PowerTouch technology allows use with gloves and in wet environments. Other wear and tear prone components can easily be serviced, and the computer software can be upgraded remotely – all to avoid taking the computer out of operation in the field.

The JLT6012A computer comes with Android 10 and is certified for Google Mobile Services (GMS). That means a more secure unit with regular security updates; support from most popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions on the market; Android Enterprise APIs for integration into enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems; inclusion of all Google productivity enhancements apps; Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates; as well as easy configuring of Android for secure working functionality in an enterprise environment.

Android’s support of sensor technology (accelerometer, gyro, ambient light, temperature, etc.) allows not only for sensor-assisted navigation, but also for integration of sensor technology into dedicated custom software and utilities. JLT Mobile Computers is in the process of creating such value-added applications for the platform.

To help customers understand and reap the full benefits of GMS certification, JLT Mobile Computers will hold a free educational webinar on September 28, 4 pm CET/9 am CST. To find out more, register here: GMS vs NON-GMS and other Android topics.