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June 2020


Technology taking centre stage to help businesses
26 June 2020 I’ve been reluctant to devote too much of my recent editorial comments to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

May 2020


Disruption, uncertainty, and a small landmark
13 May 2020 There was really only one option of what to write about in this month’s Editor’s Comment, and that, of course, and unfortunately, is the spread of Covid-19, or Coronavirus, and the immediate effect it’s had on our industry.

Thanks to the posties for almost 10,000 deliveries
13 May 2020 It’s difficult to start this comment piece anywhere other than on the most obvious topic of Covid-19, and to say that I hope all our readers, and everyone in our industry across the world, are staying safe during the current outbreak.

March 2020


Navigating the challenges of subsea lifting
30 March 2020 It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must be to work in offshore conditions. Sure, you could start by looking out of the window, if you’ve lived in the UK during the last six months—we’re already up to the letter ‘D’ in the alphabet of named storms so far in 2020, and Ciara and Dennis have brought some pretty spectacularly bad weather with them in recent weeks—but, joking aside, that isn’t really a patch on the harshness of the conditions found on offshore wind farms, rigs, and so on.

February 2020


Not Dry January, or Veganuary, but ‘Planuary’
17 February 2020 I’m writing this in mid-to-late January, and so, inevitably, my social media feeds are gradually filling with jokes and memes about how interminably long the month seems to last.

January 2020


After the uncertainty: more uncertainty
09 January 2020 Britain, as you may have heard, has had its fair share of political upheaval and public votes in the last few years. Three general elections, one advisory referendum on whether to leave the EU or not, and a lot of debate, both amongst the public and the politicians.

December 2019


Virtually the same as training on a real crane
13 December 2019 If you were at this year’s LiftEx show last month, held in Milton Keynes in the UK, you may have seen me waving my arms in front of me, apparently unable to see and possibly lost in the delusions of a fantasy world.

October 2019


In the dock: time to focus more on port cranes
24 October 2019 As you read through this issue of Hoist, you may notice a more maritime theme than usual.

September 2019


A safe industry is an attractive one for new workers
18 September 2019 In this issue we have an article on ergonomics, and how this science is applied to lifting devices.

August 2019


Digitalisation, automation and the human touch
08 August 2019 Ever since computer scientists realised that silicon, as a semiconductor, had enormous potential for boosting processing power, the world as we know it has changed immeasurably.

July 2019


Don’t look now: why print can still beat digital words
29 July 2019 When was the last time you actually finished reading an article on your phone? I don’t mean a short news piece about a politician with strange hair, or the World Cup (cricket or women’s soccer; your choice), or what one celebrity said about another celebrity—I mean a long, detailed article that takes more than a few moments to read, and which gives proper insight into a topic.

June 2019


It’s exam time - but what happens after that?
19 June 2019 It’s June, and that means a whole host of annual events and traditions will be taking place. Keeping up online with endless sporting competitions, such as the Cricket World Cup, the Women’s Football World Cup, and the Wimbledon tennis tournament, will all distract many a lesser editor from doing their job. It’s officially the start of the British summer, so it’s rained here for about nine consecutive days and I’ve got a cold. And for those at school and aged 16 or 18, the end of the academic year brings the promise of an early summer holiday — although only after exams have been negotiated.

May 2019


Contractors in the middle
14 May 2019 Jack Hinsdale, president of South Carolina-based Material Handling Solutions, looks at the issues surrounding procuring cranes through contractors and how to address them.

Documentation requirements for manufacturers
14 May 2019 Denis Hogan, Performance and Special Projects Manager at The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), explains what lifting equipment related documentation needs to be provided by manufacturers and suppliers to assure customers of legal compliance.

Always a better visit when the forecast is good
09 May 2019 I attended the previous iteration of Promat in Chicago back in 2017 and my enduring memory of my time in the city, outside of the McCormick Place exhibition halls, was pouring rain.

April 2019


Off to the razzle dazzle of Chicago and promat
18 April 2019 It seems like I’ve talked about my travels quite a lot in recent comments. That’s because, well, I’ve been doing quite a lot of travelling. And very informative it has been too.

March 2019


It’s the time of year when the industry meets
14 March 2019 My visit to Logimat in Stuttgart last month was as fruitful and interesting as in 2018. Indeed, my only complaint—and this had nothing to do with the show itself—was that due to prior commitments I was only able to be at the exhibition for one full day.

February 2019


Promoting hoists is a huge but essential task
11 February 2019 I was explaining to a friend recently what it is specifically that I write about as a journalist. Before becoming editor of Hoist I worked on our other lifting title Cranes Today for a couple of years, which is a topic simple to explain to people who don’t work in our industry—tower cranes in particular are an everyday sight in towns and cities. It took a few sentences, though, for my mate—who admittedly has no background in engineering—to fully understand what we mean by a hoist.

January 2019


Hoist in 2019 - something old,something new
18 January 2019 Firstly, happy new year, and welcome to 2019. Here at Hoist magazine, our new year’s resolutions are fairly straightforward—we’re planning to continue providing coverage of the industry with unrivalled levels of original content and a global reach, while aiming to build on the foundations of 2018 and carry on making the magazine better as we progress through the new year.

December 2018


Planning ahead to ensure success for 2019
10 December 2018 As we approach the turn of the year, it’s a necessity for any business to be planing ahead for 2019—and it’s no different for a trade magazine such as Hoist.