0.5 ton Tiger Lifting CSS Slings Hooks Attachments -2023

Key Facts

  • ManufacturerTiger Lifting
  • ModelCSS
  • AgeUp to 2 years
  • LocationUnited States
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Product Description

CSS Safety Screw Cam Clamp

The Tiger CSS safety screw cam clamp with Double Eye Anchor Points & Safety Torque Feature is suitable for many applications. This screw cam clamp has many uses, such as lifting, lateral pulling and turning over materials. Adequacy of tightening can be confirmed by the visual torque safety feature. The main body of the clamp is special alloy steel, mold forged and processed with optimal heat treatment making it extremely strong and durable. The disc spring built into the body of the clamp prevents loosening of the screws. The spherical based cam tilts in proportion to the lifting load so the contact surface becomes larger and clamps more firmly. There are two shackle holes – one opposite the screw and the other at a right angle direction, so you can choose the most suitable hole for your application.

Product no: CSS

Main Features
Range – 500kg to 6.3t
Spherical universal designed screw cam provides an extra powerful clamping force on a workpiece even when vibrations occur during operation.
Cam holder and collar have phosphorescent (glow-in-the dark) paint for easy recognition of adequate torque tightening.
No tools required – integrated adjusting screw spindle
4:1 factor of safety

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Additional Crane Specifications

  • Insurance Inspection No
  • Manufacture Year2023

Company Details

Tiger Lifting

Contact Details

  • Address Tiger UK and Europe, Coquet Enterprise Park
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