The Profi air hoist range, offering air pressure in four or six bar, is an explosion-protected series, suited to heavy-duty industrial use. It is available with various control options depending on the application and is especially suited for use in hazardous areas.

RSS first teamed up with JDN in mid-2019 and has since offered its pneumatic and hydraulic hoists, crane systems, and components, manufactured at headquarters in Germany, principally for use in extreme environments. It had also added to the portfolio a product for lifting in areas that require ultra-cleanliness and hygiene, such as the food and beverage sector.

Steve Hutin, managing director at RSS, said: “It was always our intent to expand our JDN partnership in a piecemeal fashion. At each stage, it was important to prioritise provision of world-class product, speed of delivery, and service at the point of use. In each instance, we have built a robust team around supply of the range to specific end user marketplaces.”

JD Neuhaus’s Profi air hoist range is available in capacities from 250kg up to 100t.
JD Neuhaus’s Profi air hoist range is available in capacities from 250kg up to 100t.

The Profi air hoist range boasts high performance with more efficiency and reliability, plus high lifting and lowering speeds. Hutin also pointed to the product’s low sound emissions. It boasts patented, permanent motor lubrication during operation, using a high-performance grease; no additional motor lubrication is required. Users benefit from 100% duty rating with no downtime and ex classification according to the EC Directive on hazardous locations, 94/9/EEC (ATEX 100a).

Additional standard features include sensitive infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads; frequent switching and extended duty cycles; low headroom and lightweight; and insensitivity to dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20°C up to +70°C. Technical detail to look out for includes the fact that the chain sprocket in the mid-section runs in dust proof maintenance free ball bearings and the planetary gear is in long-life grease lubrication. All teeth, meanwhile, are made of tempered or hardened high grade steel. For traversing loads there are different trolleys to meet special demands.

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