RSS, a supplier of lifting and rigging equipment, has secured a partnership with JDN UK, which offers the full range of pneumatic and hydraulic hoists, crane systems, and components, manufactured at headquarters in Germany, principally for use in extreme environments. RSS will initially stock the Mini at two of its six UK facilities in Pyle, Wales and Grangemouth, Scotland.

Steve Walker, managing director at JDN UK Ltd., said: “The timing of this partnership is significant in that it chimes with the unveiling of the next generation of Mini hoists, creating a two-pronged launch programme. Importantly, like the JDN Group, RSS is family-owned and driven by customer satisfaction. The business has national coverage and a wealth of experience within their team. Further, it has a vision for the future that matches that of our own. It sees the value in quality products and continuous innovation, in-keeping with the principles of the existing and new hoist ranges.”

Walker was among a UK delegation that visited JDN USA’s offices in Baltimore, Maryland in mid-June to mark the launch of the Mini range to the North American marketplace. Also present were representatives of RSS, including Steve Hutin, managing director and Sean Maslen, a regional sales manager. Extensive product training was just one facet of the meeting, as stateside distributors also participated throughout the week.

The Mini is available in capacities of 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, and 1,000kg.
The Mini is available in capacities of 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, and 1,000kg.

Hutin said: “The RSS-JDN partnership is very UK-centric, but it was beneficial to spend some time with the USA operation, where they have successfully implemented a supply chain through regional distributorships. Beyond that, it provided a sense of purpose and scale as we confirm our own intentions. Sean and I, indeed the whole team, feel energised about adding such a world-class range to our portfolio and are confident that we can deliver the same level of customer service for which the JDN brand is renowned globally.”

The new Mini air hoist range has been developed with what Walker called a “market in” approach, resulting in a product that meets demand for innovation and boasts new features, such as longer lifetime, easier maintenance, and higher speeds, while custom options are available upon request. The Mini is explosion-protected and available in capacities of 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, and 1,000kg. Other standout features include a near field communication (NFC) sensor with accompanying app.

Walker added: “A lot of maintenance work, such as lubricating the motor chamber, exchanging the chain guide, and exchanging the motor unit can be carried out on the hook without dismounting the hoist. A new motor has also been developed that can be swapped out faster than any other hoist in the market, without it ever having to be taken down from its station. These features greatly improve safety and reduce maintenance time drastically for the end user. JDN has also developed a new app where the user can access operating instructions and certificates quickly and conveniently. Sensitive control and limit switches are among other enhancements that have been included as a result of the market in approach.”

RSS will offer additional JDN products, including trolleys and the existing Profi air hoist range, available in capacities from 250kg up to 100t and air pressure in four or six bar. The explosion-protected series is also suited to heavy-duty industrial use and is available with various control options depending on the application.

RSS will be solely responsible for quoting on the Profi and Mini ranges via leads generated by its own endeavours and enquiries forwarded by JDN UK.