RSS, a supplier of lifting and rigging equipment, secured a partnership with JDN UK in mid-2019 and has since offered its pneumatic and hydraulic hoists, crane systems, and components, manufactured at headquarters in Germany, principally for use in extreme environments. It has added to the portfolio a product for lifting in areas that require extreme cleanliness and hygiene, such as the food and beverage sector.

The “food grade” product includes a motor housing made from uncoated cast aluminium, in addition to stainless steel chain, chain inlet, load sleeve and hooks. The new Mini is resistant to corrosion and high levels of humidity—and is easy to clean. The motor is lubricated by a fully synthetic (mineral oil-free) grease, which is particularly suitable for the food and beverage and other industries where hygiene is a premium concern.

Steve Hutin, managing director at RSS, said: “A component of partnering with companies like JDN is alignment with fast-moving innovation and product development at the cutting edge of our marketplace. The food grade Mini hoist boasts the multitude of the benefits of the range we have already been putting to our customers, but is designed for use in sectors, like pharmaceuticals, that have specific requirements.”

The new Mini is resistant to corrosion and high levels of humidity.
The new Mini is resistant to corrosion and high levels of humidity.

Other standout features of the product include chain lubricant that is food grade approved and, thanks to the use of compressed air as a driving medium, the hoists are also explosion protected so that they can be used in areas where organically flammable chemical substances are handled. This is consistent with a range of products especially for use in all manner of extreme environments. Hutin also pointed to twist lock hooks (top and bottom) and the availability of the hoists with 5m height of lift and 4m length of control.

Four models comprise the food grade range—the Mini 125, at 125kg capacity; mini 250, at 250kg capacity; Mini 500, at 500kg capacity; and Mini 1000, at 980kg capacity—each offering 6 bar of air pressure. Lifting speeds with full load vary from 6.3 m/min (Mini 1000) to 20 m/min (Mini 125). Lowering speeds with full load also vary from 12 m/min (Mini 1000) to 40 m/min (Mini 125). All models are suited to use in ATEZ Zones 2 (hazardous gas, vapour, and mist environments) and 22 (hazardous dust).

As is the case with existing air hoist products, RSS will be solely responsible for quoting on the food grade Mini air hoist range via leads generated by its own endeavours and enquiries forwarded by JDN UK.