The system can be retrofitted onto operating cranes or installed at a factory as part of a new crane.  Additionally, CARB verification means that port operators will be able to install it and receive emission reduction credit without further source testing.

The Regen system is currently installed at the Long Beach Container Terminal and the ITS terminal in the Port of Long Beach, and at the STS/Evergreen Terminal in the Port of Los Angeles. Additionally, Regen is installed on RTG cranes at ports in China and Korea.

CARB has verified that the system will reduce diesel particulate matter (PM) emissions by 25-50% while meeting the January 2009 NO2 limit. In addition, “the system also reduces oxides of nitrogen (NOX) by 30% and CO2 by 25%,” Vycon said.

Vycon president and CEO Tony Aoun added: “Receiving CARB verification fulfills a key milestone in our efforts to introduce our Regen system into the local shipyards to assist their emissions reduction efforts and help the community.”