The suburban Paris-based company has also launched a variable-speed drive option of its Eurochain VL 10 electric chain hoist, intended for handling loads of 200kg to 500kg. It is based on the KCI Konecranes sXN 10 variable-frequency hoists also launched in autumn last year.

The hoist has a minimum speed of about .25m/min (13 in/min) to help inexperienced operators handle loads without damaging them.

The drive also enables the hoist to use dynamic braking, which saves wear on the mechanical brake, which is only used as a parking brake.

Upper and lower limit switches, and a load limiter, are installed as standard. An overspeed sensor mounted on the drive shaft stops all movement in case the hoist jams. For example, if a motor speed 20% over the nominal speed is reached, the system stops all hoisting movement.

Verlinde has 10 sales agencies in France, 18 after-sales service outlets, and 20 builders of Europont-approved cranes in France and in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.