Arkopharma wanted to replace its hoisting facility in order to evacuate the plant residues left on the press used for manufacturing hypo-therapeutic products.

The process consists of a hydraulic press actuated by a cylinder. Following the infusion and maceration stage of the raw materials in a tank, the machine presses the parts of the medicinal plants used, in order to extract their juice.

The hoist had to deal with two constraints. First, it had to qualify for ATEX certification for both dust-laden and gaseous environments and, secondly, be able to fit between the vertical centreline of the handling gantry and the hydraulic cylinder of the infusion press.

Arkopharma said Verlinde were the only firm capable of undertaking, what it called, “a contractually-binding commitment for the two ATEX certifications – dust and gas – while also complying with overall dimension constraints.”

The hoist is used about 10 times a day. After completing the infusion cycle, the tank is extracted from the press. The hoist is then used to lift the basket containing the plant matter left as residue after the processing operation. The basket is then set down on the floor and emptied.