In addition to their ergonomic design, Stagemaker hoists are fitted as standard with double brakes, retractable handgrips and protective rubber pads. The new SL5 and SL10 models are also being certified as IP66 rated for the motor as a whole. The hoist shell is protected by a 70μm black epoxy powder coating allowing it to operate in extreme environments from -10C° to +40C°.

Both the SL 5 and SL 10 models are available in two versions, with forward voltage or low voltage, and are upgrades on the previous SR5 and SR10 models. Completing the current range are the SR1 and SR25.

The new SL models are D8+ compliant as standard with SPQ2 (code of practice). The positioning of the clutch in the gear box ensures load holding by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the hoist.

Like the whole Stagemaker range, models SL5 and SL10 are fitted with PerfectPush, a 5-pocket hoist load wheel concept designed to aid chain guidance and prevent the polygon effect. Operation in standard self-climbing configuration or in industrial suspension hoist configuration is achieved without any modification by simply turning the chain bucket.

The lifting motor provides a wide range of constant running speeds with or without load: SL5 and SL10 are available as standard with the conventional 4m/min but can also be supplied at speeds of 8m and 16m/min.