The theatre belongs to the company Théâtre la Licorne, which formed in 1986 and in 2013 moved to the premises of a former automotive dealership in Dunkirk.

For the installation of stage sets, Théâtre la Licorne worked with Alive Technology, formerly CSE Technology, a specialist in scenic and audiovisual structures and equipment. Scenic structures are a key part of the installation, and the integrator called on Verlinde to supply the necessary lifting equipment.

Two IPN longitudinal beams, the rail ways and scaffolding were already in place, to which 15 suspended cranes were added to hang and rapidly move décor and acoustic elements.

Each crane was mounted on two Stagemaker SR5 motors with 8m of chains, designed for loads of up to 500kg—using a total of 30 engines. Each motor is mounted on a Verlinde CHD 500kg trolley, which travel along one of the two main beams.

The 30 Stagemaker motors used are fitted with a range of innovations, including double lifting brakes to make them D8+ compatible, and a load wheel concept using a chain drive with intermediary teeth, called the Perfect Push system, along with the ChainFlux MKII horizontal chain guide system.