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16 June 2011

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SIPA (Società Industrializzazione Progettazione Automazione) is an engineering firm in the Zoppas Industries group whose specialty is the production of flexible integrated automation systems. 1986 marked a strategic milestone when an American firm granted the company a licence to produce PET containers using the single phase process.

Verlinde SIPA

The company is now a world leader for the development and supply of integrated systems for the manufacture of PET preforms and plastic containers; it is also a world performer for 2-stage preform manufacturing and for blow moulding. SIPA supplies both the large Italian groups and numerous multinationals in industries related to mineral water, beverages and prepared foods.

SIPA recently turned to Handel Sollevamenti to design a structure to lift and handle moulds used for manufacturing plastic containers for food-grade and non food-grade liquids.

Federico Alcido, sales director of Pordenone-based Handel Sollevamenti, says, "We use Verlinde motors and hoists for our projects because customers acknowledge the advantages offered by the brand: Very few parts to change, limited noise and speed, etc." points out Federico Alcido. "What is more, Verlinde hoists are robust, easy to assemble and maintenance is very simple". For this reason they are also highly suitable for export-oriented applications".

The metal framework of the hoist system made by SIPA, carefully designed for a maximum load of 7,500 kg, offers the advantage of being fully dismountable at junction points. Junctions are put in place using plates and back plates assembled using type M20 bolts and nuts (10.9 bolt grade). The HEA 300 (UNI 5397) hoist slide rails bear at each end junction knots made of HEA 240 (UNI 5397). By deciding on the Verlinde EUROCHAIN VL 20-25, Handel Sollevamenti was able to reduce overall dimensions of the structure at floor level and enhance mould handling times.

Thanks to the winning combination with Verlinde, Handel Sollevamenti ensured that the hoist unit for SIPA was installed with an eye for the smallest detail to provide maximum product customization. "In keeping with our company's tradition, the production method integrated quality and precision in addition to high quality products. Results have proved us right", concludes Federico Alcido.

Verlinde SIPA 2 Verlinde SIPA 2
Verlinde SIPA Verlinde SIPA