Ireland-based Prolift Handling has installed a Verlinde Eurobloc VT3 electric wire rope hoist for a customer running a cement factory. Prolift Handling says that the customer’s old Verlinde wire rope hoist was beyond repair, necessitating a replacement. However, there was a major hurdle: there was no way to lift the heavy units through the factory’s roof using a mobile crane.

To tackle this task, Prolift Handling fabricated T-bars and utilised chain blocks to lower the old hoist onto a scaffold, where it was rigged for it to be lowered through a shaft within the building, and safely landing it on the ground.

“The installation of the new VT3 hoist was equally meticulous,” the company says, with the process mirrored in reverse.

Despite the challenging environment – marked by extreme heat, concrete dust, a towering 39m height, and deafening noise – the install was completed.

“This project has been one of the toughest installs we’ve undertaken, but our team’s dedication and innovative approach made it a resounding success.

“Our unwavering focus on safety, along with effective communication and coordination with the cement factory’s personnel, ensured a smooth and successful project completion,” says Prolift Handling.

“We are really proud of our team who demonstrated exceptional skills. resilience and adaptability throughout this complex installation. Many thanks to our team of Ciarán Clarke, Shane Butler and Shane Horan.”

The new VT3 hoist comes with custom-made wire brushes, which clear the runway of excess cement build-up. This feature ensures improved performance and extends the working life of the drive and idle wheels. The Eurobloc VT electric wire rope hoist range, meanwhile, is a heavy-duty hoist said to be best suited for high lifting capacities of 10,000kg or more. French manufacturer Verlinde claims that the VT “offers the smallest minimum hook height and hook approach distance on the market for a wire rope hoist”.

Prolift Handling was formed in March 2013. It is an ISO9001:2015 accredited company and a member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (Leea). As well as Verlinde, Prolift is a distributor for products from the likes of Pewag, Tractel and Thern, among many others.