According to the manufacturer, the new model is fitted with a new hoist load wheel concept with intermediate teeth for the drive chain, in addition to two lifting speeds, a start/stop palm button on the control box, and a torque limiter.

Other features include a hoist disc brake, a low voltage control system (48V), variable speed travel motor, and a electric safety limit switch for high and low positions,

Specific to this new model is a stainless steel hoisting chain and a standard lifting height of 3 m, and watertight motor protection IP 55. Verlinde explains that the hoist motor is thermally protected to ensure serviceability in regions with extremes of temperature (from -40°C to 70°C) and of high moisture levels (to 95%).

The new VR hoist arrives equipped with two buttons pendant for a hook suspended hoist or manual trolley and four buttons pendant for a hoist with electric trolley.

The manufacturer offers multiple specific options for food industry applications including a stainless steel lifting hook, white paint, NSF H1 food grade biodegradable grease for the gear reducer, the travel trolley and for the hoisting chain, while the travel trolley can be fitted with stainless steel wheels.

It can also be fitted with a wall mounted control box to replace the button box and a radio remote control or a travel trolley.

"We offer a fully comprehensive range of stainless steel lifting equipment designed specifically for food industry applications. As the unique source of hoisting resource supplies, We is able to ensure total coherency and compatibility of its equipment whether in respect of manual hoists, electric hoists, hoists combined with a direction trolley or even jib cranes," the manufacturer explains.