The US Navy has reported that brake components on two CM Lodestar hoists have failed.

A US Navy operation found that in two model L 2,000 lb (900kg) capacity Lodestar hoists, friction material had separated from the brake disc brake. When the hoists were installed on a job site outdoors, sealing gaskets were left off the hoists for a year. Water corroded the brake disc plate and broke down the adhesive.

The Navy reported the failure in the March issue of its Crane Corner publication, aimed at Navy personnel using lifting equipment. In the advisory, it reported that Columbus McKinnon said it has since changed the way the friction material is attached to the brake disc, so that water let into the hoist will not destroy replacement discs.

The Navy reported that single- and two-speed hoists with model numbers J, JJ, L, LL, R, RR, RT and RRT are affected. The sealing gaskets part numbers 35840 and 35841 are only installed on weatherproofed hoists. The Navy recommends that users who have Lodestar hoists working outside without sealing gaskets should disassemble the hoist and electric brake to check for damage.