The lightweight aluminium EN795 + TS16415 anchorage device is designed for confined space access and working at height, for lifting both personnel or loads.

A key design feature of the davit, which was on show at last month’s LiftEx exhibition in Milton Keynes, UK, is that the winch and the retrieval block are both mounted on the same side of the mast, allowing the operator to keep away from the edge of the lifting area.

Viv Lewis, general manager at Globestock, said: “We’ve spent decades designing and manufacturing quality safety equipment, and further developing our expertise in the industry. Over time we noticed a gap in the market for a British-made davit anchor system that is rated for both personnel and loads, which can be used by more than one person at the same time. So, we set our accomplished Design and Development team the task of engineering one.

“A key feature of the G.Davit’s design is that it allows a rescue device to be located on the same side of the mast as the operator, giving easy access to the rescue equipment if called upon, without risk of the operator becoming unbalanced.

“We also gave a lot of attention to the cable routing, designing a system that keeps cable away from the lifting area. As well as all this, the davit had to be adaptable, light and portable, and easy to assemble without tools.

“The end result is a product that we are extremely proud of, and we are confident you will be too.”

The G.Davit can be used as an anchor by more than one person simultaneously, as long as the maximum working load is not exceeded; the system is rated at 200kg for personnel and 250kg for load lifting.

The system was designed by Globestock’s in-house design and development department, and is manufactured at its engineering facility in Oswestry.