Vinçsan delivered the crane to shipbuilder Tersan Tersanecilik’s state-of-the-art new-build shipyard in Yavlova, called Bogaziçi Tersanecilik, which is currently under construction. The crane has an SWL of 550t, delivered by two 275t hoists, which is believed to be the largest overhead crane lifting capacity in the whole of Turkey. The 1,000t crane has a span of 65m, a hoisting height of 50m and is 67m-tall at its highest point.

Hoisting speed is 2m/min, and its trolley speed is a maximum 20m/min.


Tersan Tersanecilik’s Yalova shipyard has an open area of 220,000 sq m, with a shipbuilding capacity of 200,000 DWT. The crane is expected to be operational for 18-20 hours a day when the shipyard is fully operational.

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Control Techniques, a business arm of Emerson Industrial Automation, delivered a power regeneration system for the crane, as energy saving was a key part of the design.

Control Technique’s system is based on three modular drives. It consists of three paralleled, 500kW-rated Unidrive SPMD 1424 AC modular drives in regeneration mode, which feed all the crane’s motor drives.

Elsewhere on the crane the two 275t hoisting motors delivered by Leroy Somer, are also driven by SPMD 1424 AC modular drives; an auxiliary hoisting unit is controlled by a 55kW Unidrive SP AC drive; and a travel motor is powered by a 44kW Commander SK AC drive.

There are a total of 20 crane travelling motors on the crane, which are electronically controlled in groups of five by a modular SP 1421 drive.

All drives are under the control of a master PLC that uses Profibus DP to communicate. For this purpose, each drive is fitted with an SM module.

During lowering operations, the system automatically moves into regeneration mode to feed energy back into the common bus system to reduce energy consumption.