ATS Cranes, the official distributor of Verlinde Lifting Equipment in Qatar, has supplied two motorized 1.25 ton jib cranes for the maintenance of a drinking water pumping station at the Internal Security Forces (ISF) Camp.

ISF is a large-scale project at Al Duhail near Doha in Qatar, expected to be completed in 2025, for a mixed use development comprising: more than 330 buildings and specialist installations over 400 hectares. The camp will be able to house almost 20,000 residents and employees. Besides residential buildings, the area is designed to offer functional, administrative and recreational activities such as a five-star hotel and a stadium for 10,000 spectators.

This is the first project in Qatar aimed at obtaining QSAS certification ("Qatar Sustainability Assessment System"), whose objective is to promote sustainability in the building industry and to encourage synergy between new forms of development and its environment.

The project will embrace vast areas to be developed and infrastructures across the site such as rain water reservoirs for drinking and irrigation purposes of a total capacity of some 65,000 m3, roughly 12 km of roads, various surface and underground parking lots and a secured boundary wall 9 metres high together with its associated main entrance. 

“The jib cranes we have installed are extremely efficient. Tested on-site with 1.25 times their safe working load (SWL), they are well designed and appropriate for the needs of ISF, for handling pumping material in the most difficult of exterior environments. The ATS Cranes team has great experience and will ensure after-sales and fast maintenance operations,” said Rahul Shetty, MD, ATS Cranes.

ATS Cranes was consulted for the installation of two Eurostyle type VFM 1.25 t jib cranes with an 8 m motorized full revolution boom and Eurochain VR electric chain hoists for the maintenance of the drinking water pumping station. The jib cranes will be used for lifting pumps and accessories during maintenance, as well as for loading and unloading material from trucks. The loads to be handled weigh approximately 800 to 900 kg. 

For ISF, delivery and installation within a specific timeframe was essential and the ATS team, together with Verlinde, respected its commitment. The jib crane was designed according to the customer's specifications and is suited for operation in a hot and humid outdoor environment. Its design is stylish. This last point was particularly important since the jib cranes are located next to the indoor garden/park and are visible from a great distance.

ISF previously worked with ATS Cranes in 2016, on the installation of Verlinde jib cranes as part of another pumping substation project. This is why it chose to work with them again calling on the robust and quality equipment from Verlinde, as well as a fast and reliable after-sales service from the authorized agents ATS Cranes. 

ATS Cranes is also working with one of the two main contractors for the MEP engineering works of the project – AL Jaber, with whom it has worked with for many years, regularly suppling Verlinde equipment for pumping stations. 

Verlinde was founded in 1958 and is a French manufacturer and exporter of lifting and handling equipment with a range of 30 groups of lifting equipment, designed for loads from 60 to 250,000 kg. It is also ISO 9001 quality assurance certified and ISO 14001 EMS certified (environment management system).