Tomcat provided four groups of equipment.

The first, which came to be called the “Austrian truss package,” was a 12ft light duty truss arch. Stage Technologies installed a series of winches and pulleys on a truss span so an Austrian curtain could be installed and controlled.

The next part of the project was a set of two winch frames. These small rectangular frames were fitted with Stage Technologies winches to fly performers during the show.

The third component became knows as the “Ice Man Track truss.” This package consisted of two straight spans of I-Beam truss which was designed with an aluminum cable carrier tray welded to the inside of the truss to support the cable needed for the winch that travels along the truss span.

Finally, the “Bird Track trusses.” Two curved spans of truss were designed with two radii to give them required shape. This proved challenging from a fabrication standpoint when trying to match-up the two different rolled radii inside the truss span. Like the Ice Man Track trusses, they were also fabricated with aluminum cable trays on the inside face for cable management.